Group Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance Groups

While it is technically not a requirement that employers offer Group Vision Insurance to employees, it is still good practice and goes a long way for attracting and sustaining valuable employees.  While healthcare costs are on the rise, vision insurance is still relatively affordable.  Speak to a knowledgeable insurance broker familiar with group vision insurance benefits in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.


What is Group Vision Insurance?

Group Vision Insurance is similar to group health insurance coverage whereby multiple eligible individuals obtain coverage through a single policy.  Typically, a company will purchase insurance for all of its full-time employees and their dependents.  In this example, only the full-time employee and their dependents would be eligible to enroll in the group coverage offered by the employer, otherwise, they would have to seek an individual policy for themselves and their dependents.

Am I Required to Offer Group Vision Insurance to Employees?

No.  Unlike with health insurance which must be offered according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there is no such requirement with vision insurance.  However, millions of Americans suffer from vision problems at some point in their lives and including vision in benefits tends to help attract and retain good talent.

 What does Group Vision Insurance Cover?

Group Vision Insurance plans differ but they typically provide for a specific number of allowable exams,  and help pay for materials such as frames and lenses and/or contacts during a typical frequency (usually one year) period.  Sometimes they require a small copay and provide an allowance for the cost of the materials.

Should I Offer Group Vision Insurance to Employees?

Yes.  Besides the obvious benefit of helping to attract and retain good talent.  It helps assure that employees can see clearly which can increase productivity and help reduce accidents that would then be covered under workers compensation.