Group Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance for Groups

Employers are not required by law to offer Group Dental Insurance to their employees but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they shouldn’t.  Besides salary, benefits are probably the next most influential criteria that potential employees consider when evaluating whether to take a job.  While healthcare costs are on the rise, vision and dental insurance still remain relatively affordable.  Speak with a knowledgeable insurance broker familiar with group dental insurance benefits in Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.


What is Group Dental Insurance?

Group Dental Insurance is coverage whereby multiple eligible individuals obtain coverage through a single policy, much like group health insurance.  Typically, a company will purchase insurance for all of its full-time employees and their dependents.  In this example, only the full-time employee and their dependents would be eligible to enroll in the group coverage offered by the employer, otherwise, they would have to seek an individual policy for themselves and their dependents.

Am I Required to Offer Group Dental Insurance to Employees?

No.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalizes certain employers for not offering health insurance to employees.  But unlike with health insurance there no monetary penalties imposed on employers for not offering group dental insurance.  However, dental hygiene is important for staying healthy and many job applicants consider whether benefits are offered when evaluating a potential employment.  Much like health and vision, job applicants will inquire as to the availability of group dental insurance.

 What does Group Dental Insurance Cover?

Group Dental Insurance plans differ but they typically provide “Preventive and Diagnostic Care” (limited amount per year) such as oral exams , cleanings, routine X-rays, Fluoride applications, sealants, etc. . . .  They also pay for a specified percentage of other types of treatment that fall into categories such as “Restorative Care” and “Orthodontia.”

Should I Offer Group Dental Insurance to Employees?

Yes.  Offering Group Dental Insurance plays a significant role in attracting and maintaining a talented and healthy workforce.  It is also relatively inexpensive to offer.  Plus, by bundling Group Vision Insurance and Group Dental Insurance with Group Health Insurance, some carriers even offer a discount on the premiums.