Our Company Overview

For decades, the CTR name has been synonymous with valuable business services ranging from Parking and Revenue Control, to Time and Attendance, to Payroll.  Most recently, CTR Systems Employee Management Services, Inc., has provided a single data source for Payroll, Tax Filing, Human Resources, Time and Attendance, Benefits Administration, Onboarding, and more.

CTR Insurance & Benefits Services, LLC builds on the proud CTR name to provide yet another valuable service for businesses in the form of insurance.  We do not represent one insurance company, rather we are an independant insurance brokerage.  Meaning we work for you by shopping a multitude of insurance carriers in different categories of insurance to provide you with the best coverages at the best rates for your particular company.

Our Company Difference

Don’t get just one quote from one insurer.  As insurance brokers, we shop around to find the best insurance coverage at the best rate.  Insurance prices can vary drastically from one insurer to the next at any given time.  Do not pay more than necessary for insurance.
Don’t rely on different agents for different types of coverage.  There are numerous types of risks and equally numerous types of insurance coverage available.  Allow us to become thoroughly familiar with your company so we may provide you with a cocktail of insurance coverages designed specifically for your company.  Our goal is to make sure you are thoroughly covered, while avoiding gaps or duplicative coverage.  This way, most, if not all, of your insurance needs are conveniently located under one roof.
Don’t waste valuable time with duplicate data entry.  Through a strategic alliance between CTR Systems Employee Management Services, Inc. and CTR Insurance & Benefits Services, LLC, all payroll, time and attendance, workers compensation and benefits information can all be tracked in one simple software.  This eliminates incredibly inefficient and redundant data entry into multiple software platforms.
Don’t pay more than you should or expose yourself to unnecessary liability.  Employees sometimes work odd schedules and sometimes come and go frequently in companies with a high turnover rate.  When possible, our goal is to utilize direct carrier feeds and/or software so that our clients can track employee changes real time.  This allows them to pay for benefits and workers compensation in a more accurate “pay as you go” method and, thus, avoid costly surprises during reconciliation and end of year audits while simultaneously reducing the risk of human error.